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A local flexible, responsive service for homeowners with Holiday Cottages to let out. feefologo.jsp

Detailed advice for your cottage is available: here  And now, there is new independent feedback about us: Find out here

Do you want to rent out your cottage?   We are local and specialise in Herefordshire, including Leominster, Hereford, Ross on Wye and Bromyard, South Shropshire, including Ludlow, Clun, Bishops Castle, Church Stretton, Stiperstones and Craven Arms, Powys (Welsh Marches) including Hay on Wye and Knighton and Worcestershire Border areas.  See what we can do for you.


We do not ask or expect you to restrict private bookings; but owners are increasingly using us as their sole source of bookings. We can work alongside you, take all the work of the bookings from you and do not ask for exclusivity but do request in return that you recognise clients we generate through our marketing are our clients and separate to your own bookings and clients. Any charge on private holiday lettings is considered unwarranted and a practice assuming little competition.  We are paid by results; there are no other charges. 

ADDED VALUE Home Owners Holiday Cottage Letting Service

The difference between us and advertising sites is that we act for you and spend more time with sharper focus on getting you more guests.  We advertise widely and offer a quality booking service which is very much part of the experience of a good holiday.  We often take bookings on the phone late at night dealing with different time Zones.  Our experience increases the number of conversions to bookings because we offer them a selection of high quality cottages and, knowing them all well, are able to present them in the way they deserve.


High quality holiday lets need better presentation to show how much better they are from the rest.  We spend a long time getting the presentation right, sometimes it can take two full days work to do a cottage justice, even then we constantly look to see how the web page can be improved.  Lower quality cottages cannot stand this treatment as they, simply, do not have that much to offer.  Our work gives high quality cottages the edge they deserve in a way that the giant booking agencies and advertising sites struggle to provide.


We provide local focus, knowledge, experience, extensive marketing and advertising, quality of enquiry handling, responsive relationships with homeowners, and good customer service.  We work for quality, value and service.


"Charles and Lorna, your provide a very personal service and it is always a pleasure dealing with you.  Nothing it too much trouble when we need a little flexibility or help.  We are also more than pleased with the revenue you generate from our holiday cottage.  Thanks to you both! "

James MacRae and Mark Watson.


"Thank you Charles!!  You are doing very well for us!"


"Thank you Lorna - that is very impressive.  we have only been live a week.........."


"Fantastic that you have already got us a booking


This is v good news - 3 bookings in September from Country Holiday Lets - well done.  Your marketing must be excellent."


"Telling you something your probably already know, but I was being nosey the other day looking at [two national booking services]..... and was astounded by 2 things really, firstly that all sleep 4 cottages were at least £200 more than us, some almost double for this holiday period, with varying standards, and secondly that the availability thus booking was appalling in all but the very best (the best being horribly expensive) and even then it wasn't great.


It just goes to show what you say really, that value is important, there were some real shockers, with awful feedback. It makes us happy that we are doing the right thing!"


Below is a selection of feedback from previous years.  Much more can be see from Feefo, an independent feedback service: Click Here


Thank you so much CountryHolidayLets.co.uk. I LOVED your website - very clean looking design and easy to use! It is so hard to wade through the zillion of holiday let sites looking for a place and when I found yours I immediately bookmarked it to use again and again. But even better was your personal help and advice. We were looking for a quiet, beautiful place (with WiFi!) for a week to finish a big project and you found as the perfect place in Neen Savage (great name). Thank you again and looking forward to our next chance to use your services.  - Sincerely, Laura, Hanover, NH USA


Many thanks for your very efficient service! - Sue


Our first break for many years but one we shall repeat thanks to finding you on-line.   All being well we shall be in touch in early 2011 to sample one of your other cottages such is your high standard.   Many thanks once again - regards, Janet


The website (countryholidaylets) was good and easy to use.  It is not one I'd used before but I was pleased that it gave me a date option so I was not faffing around sites that had nothing for our (fixed )week.  When I made my 'phone call, the chap (Charles?) with whom I spoke, was helpful and competent.  No problems at any point and payment was easy and straightforward. Have saved the web address! - Kate


And thanks for your initial helpful email after I enquired for a place in ludlow - without a link to this house and accompanying links with a map and details of the train access it's unlikely I'd have booked it. And confirmations from yourself and cottage instructions from the owner was all thorough and well-managed too.  We're often looking for cottages so I'll look on your site again. - All the best,  and thanks,  Jamie


Thank you for your quick response as I only booked at 10pm ish before arriving at lunchtime the next day. We shall be looking at your website again. - Kind regards Gina



Search Google for  Shropshire Cottage  or Hereford Cottages  and see how we match the £multi-million marketing budgets of the national agencies with our marketing expertise. (Advertisements for our holiday lets are timed to appear only after 10am or 11am.  On some evenings, after 8pm, we time the advertisements not to show.). In many searches, we come above the major national booking agencies where Advertising sites frequently fail to appear at all.  We offer local focus, extensive management experience and attention to a personal quality service for homeowners who want flexibility and the best a booking service can offer, without restrictions associated with some national booking services.  Our charges are much lower and our aim is to get you more rent.


Our internet presence is an added value alternative to advertising web sites charging up-front and which can be hard to judge if they are worthwhile.  Advertising sites tend to offer little added value and even expect homeowners to do much of the work creating presentations within predetermined frameworks.  We are paid solely on results and offer added significant value with extensive internet marketing as well as booking services to increase occupancy.


Our internet marketing and advertising has benefited from learning and acting on the latest techniques needed to get competitive edge on the internet. All good services must meet the brutally competitive challenges of the internet. We have come high up because of our internet marketing expertise and the fact that we invest substantial sums back into internet advertising.


Although tempted to compromise, we have not formed this site to appeal particularly to the demands of search engines. Those visiting also come from other sites such as holidayletsforsale.com, laymyhat.com and from the growing twitter following of over 8,800 directly for this site and over 2,600 for Holiday Lets for Sale. These sources create a vastly higher quality of visitor so we have chosen to focused on them and potential buyers. Despite this, visit numbers from search engines are a significant extra. They come, in part, from ‘long tail search terms’ generated by our advice section.

We specialise solely in the areas mentioned above and nowhere else.  We are local people with a good knowledge of the region.  This puts us in a strong position to be able to market the area to those who have yet to discover it and to understand and respond to the needs of homeowners as well as to better handle guest enquiries.


A key benefit is our marketing expertise enabling us to compete on equal terms with Advertising web sites and national booking agencies. Internet campaigns see us side by side with the nationals and sometimes above them for a fraction of their marketing budgets.  Advertising web sites do not invest so heavily in pay by click and are often passive and invisible, with some relying heavily on the diminishing asset of historical presence and organic search results. It is very rare to see them in the top three pay by click advertising positions, where we are very frequently there for searches using words such as Shropshire Cottage  or Hereford Cottages because we do invest in quality web traffic.  The days when commission payments could be taken without re-investment in advertising for quality web traffic have ended and services that do not charge enough commission will, simply, be unable to invest in the necessary internet advertising.


Our general marketing expertise combined with focus on niche market interest(s) for particular lets is harnessed to seek more bookings for home owners.   The key is local focus, extensive management experience and attention to a personal high quality service.  This is the added value that does not come from Advertising Web sites and is difficult to provide for the National Booking Agencies. 


Content is everything for a web site.  We take time and effort presenting holiday cottages with each page, including the headers, individually created for each let.  Considerable time is spent getting this right.  People buy on pictures, once the basic details such as number of beds etc: has met their requirements.  If, at any time, improvements to our web presentation of your holiday let will make it more attractive we can quickly do this without any unnecessary barriers or restrictions.  Quality does not stand still, you have to work at it.


We offer people an Events Calendar which details events happening in the whole of our area on a day by day basis.  This calendar allows people to see what they can do once they are here, they usually know the dates they wish to take and this feature allows them to see what events they may wish to attend as well.


We also have a useful Attractions page where any holidaymaker can see what attractions are on offer in this lovely part of the country, it is almost certain there are more than they think!  There has been a good response from the local attractions about getting involved and we are hoping to develop our relationship with these in the future.  We are great believers in supporting local businesses and therefore keeping tourist money in our area and supporting local jobs. There is also a Things to do for Free page for those who want to visit but have a tight budget.


Last, but by no means least, we have a Where to Eat page. If our holidaymakers are in self catering accommodation, they are going to need to know the best places to eat near to where they are staying or near to an attraction or event they wish to visit.  The 'where to eat', by area, is simple and easy to use.



Commission rates are competitive from between 17% to 20%, depending on size and location of lettings.  We do not charge a joining fee and we do not ask or expect you to restrict private bookings or holiday lettings as long as we are kept informed of the dates that are booked as soon as you know about them.  A significant proportion of all revenue is re-invested in internet advertising.


Our low rates and no exclusivity contrasts with the predominate practice of the major national booking agencies: we believe that our job is to show how much we can get for home owners by working alongside existing private holiday lettings.   Clearly, if we can successfully fill out your availability, then any suggestion of restriction on private lettings would be redundant.  We wish to provide, in effect, another string to your bow, rather than try to restrict your existing business-  your success is our success.  As well as offering more as a good alternative to advertising web-sites we offer an ideal way of leaving large national booking agencies when going out to do your own holiday home lettings.


Protected payments

By an arrangement, we have a guarantee on the home owners account through Lloyds TSB with Cardnet. All funds in the home owners' account, receiving all guest payments, are underwritten on behalf of all payees offering, also, protection for homeowners.



If you believe, like us, that supporting local business is a good thing, why not give Country Holiday Lets a try?  Contact Lorna Philip or Charles Cawley on 01568 612467 or email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and see what we can do for you.


We also offer advice to owners who may wish for more focused, individual guidance than provided on this web site.  To find out more please ring 01568 612467 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Country Holiday Lets is independent. It is not connected with 'Country Holidays'.  It is not a trading name of Hoseasons or any part of Wyndham Worldwide

  Legacy Booking Services Country Holiday Lets
Local Location             No
Local office and area knowledge
Charges Tend to be high
Lower than large legacy agencies
Speed of response Can be high With rare exceptions, always high
Flexibility Corporate procedure If we can, we will
Knowledge of cottages
Often from reports of others Sound, immediate knowledge
Contacting a decision maker Varying Usually speak to decision maker
Banding cottage rates Yes No. All holiday lets are unique
Rates tapered to each cottage Banded Yes:
rate ratchet system/owners' rates
Open sharing of information Varying Policy is to share where we can
Cottage Quality requirements Varying Good management / sound value
Quality feedback system